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Class Attire


Children (age 3 to 13): Solid black leotard (short or long sleeved; recommended bloch 5402); no sparkles or rhinestones. Pink full-footed tights and pink ballet slippers with elastic. Short black practice skirts are allowed for students 9 years old and up.

Students 14 - 18: Solid black leotard only; no lace, spider backs, or stringed leotards except on Saturdays and rehearsals when any type or color leotard may be worn except for red. Skirts allowed (solid black). Pink tights and pink ballet slippers. Tights and ballet slippers must be full– footed.  

Age 19 - Adult: Any solid colored leotard, skirts allowed (solid black skirts only); pink or black tights and ballet slippers. Tights and ballet slippers must be full-footed.

Men and Boys: White T-shirt, black footed tights, white socks and white or black ballet shoes.

Flamenco/Spanish Dance

Pants or full skirt allowing freedom of movement, solid colored leotard, blouse, or shirt and flamenco shoes, character shoes, or street shoes with hard sole and heel.

Jazz/Contemporary Dance

Girls-Black or tan jazz shoes, leotard or tank top, pink or black tights (footless ok); jazz shorts over tights allowed. Regular ballet attire and ballet shoes also acceptable.

Boys-Black jazz shoes, socks, leotard or t shirt, black jazz pants  

No jewelry may be worn in class with the exception of ear studs. Also pants, sweat pants, and t shirts are not allowed.  With permission of the teacher, tight-fitting pink leg warmers for the girls or black for the boys may be worn at the barre only in very cold weather. All girls should have hair pinned securely back; hair that is long enough must be worn in a bun (no bun sacks). Pre-schoolers may wear pony tails. A cover-up such as pants or dress must be worn over ballet clothes as well as street shoes when entering or leaving the studio.

Please note that food and drink are not allowed in the building but may be consumed outdoors on one of the patios. All trash must be placed in the outdoor garbage can as there is no outdoor maintenance staff to pick up these items.

Approved dance attire can be purchased at the following locations:

The Dance Shop: 2485 Forest Park Blvd., 817-923-0017

Winners All: 6323 Camp Bowie Blvd., 817-738-9255

June's Dancewear: 1921 E. Abram St., Arlington, 817-275 2303

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