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Other Dance & Fitness Options at the Studio

Adult ballet, Real Barre

We offer Adult Ballet classes for intermediate and beginners.  Ballet is an excellent all around form of exercise. Deeply steeped in a history of tradition, it strengthens, improves balance and coordination, stretches, and has a cardio element as well as being a great mental challenge. There’s nothing else like it!  Adult intermediate ballet is held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:45 pm for intermediate teen and adults and 6:30 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays for beginners.

Also housed at Margo Dean School of Ballet is Gyrotonic® exercise as taught by one of our principal ballet teachers, Courtney Sebastian, who has added a new dimension to her teaching expertise.

Miss Courtney is a certified instructor in the patented and trademarked Gyrotonic® method, having gone through the Gyrotonic® training program and having taught this for the past four years, and is available for private sessions every day Monday through Saturday by appointment.

Gyrotonic® exercise increases strength, flexibility, improves coordination, posture, and balance, and is a perfect complement to ballet as well as being beneficial in its own right.  Gyrotonic® is available to adults as well as students age 10 & up.

Sessions are an hour long. Cost is $60 per session. Call Miss Courtney at 817 713 5810 to schedule an appointment.


Classes in Flamenco Dance are also offered for adults. Students new to flamenco dance join the beginner class while those with prior experience join the intermediate class. Both classes meet Monday evenings. This class is also open to dancers age 10 and up as well as to adults. Flamenco dance is especially good for coordination and rhythm and is very strengthening for the legs, arms, and hands. Classes include heelwork, castanets, and traditional Flamenco work.

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